Horizontal & Vertical Scaling:

Instead of one-size-fits-all, choose systems that fit your needs.

Baremetal makes dedicated easier than cloud for apps that break the one-size-fits-all mold. Our flexible one-click provisioning adapts to your needs, whether you require standard, high-CPU, or high-memory systems.

As your business grows, we let you easily vertically scale your existing servers by upgrading CPUs and adding memory as well as horizontally scale by adding servers to your cluster. With the Baremetal Platform you can extend the life of your application and defer costly re-architecture projects with options like upgrading your database drives from spindles to SSDs.

You are in full control of the resources utilized by Baremetal Agents, the processes that run your application. Assign the right amount of resources needed for your type of application, whether it's serving web requests or encoding video.

What we do

Baremetal Industries offers a Platform as a Service for dedicated servers that provides automated deployment, turn-key high availability, infrastructure scaling and business metrics so your company can iterate quickly and focus on your competitive advantage.

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