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SaltConf Presentation

February 01, 2014

At SaltConf this year I gave a presentation on building a highly available dynamic compute environment. The turnout was great, hope you all enjoyed the talk!

State Machines

November 11, 2013

Finite State machines, or FSMs, are a fantastic way to describe a system's inner workings. Interestingly, while a system's design phase may consist of a flow chart illustrating its logic and the transitions between them, the implementation throws away the flow. A FSM provides some continuity between design and implementation stages and has a number of other benefits as well.

ZFS on Linux

October 10, 2013

ZFS is a "storage platform that encompasses the functionality of traditional filesystems, volume managers, and more, with consistent reliability, functionality and performance."

Automated Deployment with Django, Docker and Salt

September 21, 2013

At DjangoCon Chicago I gave a lightning talk on automated deployment using Django, Docker and Salt. In this system:

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