Automated Deployment:

Faster development and higher quality with our integrated workflow

Continuous Integration and Automated Deployment are at the core of our platform; just push your code and we take care of the rest.

As code lands in your repository, the Baremetal Platform builds a deployment-ready container and puts it through its paces. Your tests run on the exact build that would go to production, to guarantee parity with your production environment.

Only green builds are deployed, so bugs don't reach your customers, and with our release management tools, you can quickly rollback to a previous version of your application or revert to a point-in-time snapshot of your data. And failing builds? Easily configure who gets notified.

What we do

Baremetal Industries offers a Platform as a Service for dedicated servers that provides automated deployment, turn-key high availability, infrastructure scaling and business metrics so your company can iterate quickly and focus on your competitive advantage.

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